A Day in the Life of Dominique Crenn, Restaurant Pioneer and VitaBowl Visionary

    This week, we’re talking with Dominique Crenn, chef and owner of world-renowned restaurants Atelier Crenn, Petit Crenn, and Bar Crenn. In November 2018, Dominique became the first female chef in the US to receive three Michelin Stars. 

    As an active member of the international culinary community, Dominique promotes innovation, sustainability, and equality through her restaurant ideals, focusing on cuisine as a craft and community as an inspiration. 

    Most recently, she’s stepped into the role of Head of Culinary Council for VitaBowl, now funding on Indiegogo InDemand.

    7:30 A.M. Awake. Check the calendar for the day. 

    8 A.M. Feed my dog, Maxi. I don’t drink coffee anymore and don’t eat anything for breakfast. I have fresh-pressed green juice and hot tea. Food is medicine!

    9 A.M. Shower, exercise, take the dog out.

    10 A.M. Head into the restaurant. Meet with the team regarding the plan for the day.

    11:30 A.M. Lunch on the go is usually early- a Vitabowl or something light. 

    11:30 A.M-1 P.M. My afternoon consists of phone calls, meetings, and interviews. A lot of my time right now is spent speaking out in support for small business and needed assistance from the government during the pandemic.

    2 P.M. Staff meal if I am at Atelier Crenn. My team makes the best food everyday! Today is mushroom lasagna, Bleu Belle Farm Vegetables, and freshly-baked baguette garlic bread.

    3-5 P.M. Meeting with Research & Development Chef, JC, and Pastry Chef/Business Partner, Juan Contreras. Menu planning and business forecast for the month

    6 P.M. Head home and make dinner for me and Maxi. Maxi has a delicious mix of ground venison and vegetables. I usually have a big bowl of something hot – pasta or soup.

    7-9 P.M. Reading new books and cookbooks. Jotting down ideas for new menu items for Atelier Crenn and Vitabowl.

    9 P.M. Relaxing before bed with Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu! 

    10 P.M. Lights out!

    We also caught up with Dominique in an exclusive Q&A:

    INDIEGOGO: How and why did you become an entrepreneur? Was it something you always intended for yourself? 

    DOMINIQUE CRENN: Because we are all entrepreneur at heart. I, like many others, love to create things. I didn’t intend to be one but I followed my heart and it brought me here.

    IGG: What makes your Indiegogo project unique? 

    DOMINIQUE: Vitabites is so much goodness in one little bite. You can get everything you need at once, vitamins, energy, and deliciousness. How does that not make you happy? 

    IGG: What’s your biggest piece of advice for women who want to start their own business?

    DOMINIQUE: Know who you are, be confident, and know your vision. Surround yourself with good people who know more than you, and have a good lawyer (laughs).

    IGG: What tools (gadgets, apps, books, podcasts) would you recommend to anyone starting their own business, crowdfunding campaign, or project? 

    Dominique takes a moment to show appreciation for one of her chefs.

    DOMINIQUE: The best tool is a journal- a small notebook for writing everyday. Jot down all of your ideas and dreams. Be curious about what you do not know. Read everything you can. If you are true to yourself, your dream will come. 

    IGG: What’s your favorite Indiegogo campaign, or a campaign you’ve recently supported?

    DOMINIQUE: VitaBites!

    Want to hear more from Dominique? Check out our recent IG Live with her here. You can also find her on Instagram at @dominiquecrenn, @atelier.crenn, and @petitcrenn.


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