Apple iOS 14 Rollout Will Impact All Facebook Pixel Integrations on Indiegogo

    Starting this quarter, Indiegogo will be pausing all Facebook Pixel integrations on Indiegogo campaign pages.

    This is a result of changes to Apple and Facebook protocols; specifically, Apple has announced that iOS 14 will change how Facebook receives and processes conversion events, requiring Facebook to update its Aggregated Event Measurement (AEM) protocol. This will interrupt how Facebook Pixel integrates with Indiegogo campaign pages.

    When put into effect, these changes will make all Indiegogo campaigners’ Facebook Pixel integrations invalid. 

    We are actively working with Facebook to find a solution to these changes. In the meantime, we would like to prepare campaigners for the upcoming interruption. 

    Here is what you can do to make the transition as smooth as possible:

    • What is the Facebook Pixel? For several years, the Facebook Pixel feature has given Indiegogo campaign owners a way to see anonymized data about who visits campaign pages, insights into Facebook ad campaigns overall, and a way to scale ad efforts on Facebook. If you’re not sure whether you use a Facebook Pixel, please refer to this page for more information.
    • Who will be affected by the change? Indiegogo campaign owners who use the Facebook Pixel will no longer receive data generated from the Facebook Pixel when Facebook publishes the changes to its AEM protocol. If you don’t use the Facebook Pixel to optimize or track your Facebook campaign, the changes will not affect your Facebook ads or campaign page.
    • When will this be rolled out? Facebook will be changing its AEM protocol as soon as Apple rolls out iOS 14. Unfortunately, neither Facebook nor Apple has announced a concrete timeline for these changes. However, our team expects these changes to be put in place in early spring.
    • How does this affect Indiegogo campaigners? When the change rolls out, all conversion-based campaigns running a Facebook Pixel under the Indiegogo domain will be paused. All other aspects of your campaign will continue to operate normally. If you don’t use a Facebook Pixel on your campaign page, the changes will not affect your campaign. If you’re not sure if you use a Facebook Pixel, please refer to this page for more information.
    • How can you prepare? To ensure you continue to drive steady traffic from Facebook to your Indiegogo campaign, we encourage you to start testing link ads instead of conversion ads. We also recommend reframing your campaign objectives to focus on traffic and clicks instead of conversions.

    If you need extra support, you can reach out to Indiegogo’s Digital Services team or our partnered Marketing Experts.  


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