Crypto-Focused Educational Web Show Sponsored By Ukrainian Government

A new web series has been released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation, of all things. This series is dedicated to the education of the country’s citizens regarding blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin (BTC) in particular.

The Big Push For Crypto Literacy

The show itself saw its premiere on Wednesday, and was developed with collaborations with firms like Hacken, Binance, and Crystal Blockchain. The entire series itself stands as part of the “Diia.Digital Education” program enacted by the government of Ukraine.

The show itself boasts eight episodes, ranging from 6 to 12 minutes in length. The show itself sets out to explain the fundamentals of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Andriy Onistrat, a former banker and now an entrepreneur, stands as the host of the show, with the main idea behind it being to interview various guests that work within the blockchain industry.

Questions Both Easy And Difficult

The first episode is already out, and publicly available on YouTube. The episode focuses on introducing cryptocurrencies as a concept, highlighting the unstoppable, permissionless transaction ledger behind it. The concept of supply auditability were given special considerations.

Onistrat compared this to the National Bank of Ukraine, who could always print out the Hryvnia to increase the supply, highlighting how this isn’t so easy for cryptocurrencies. The first guest of the series was Ivan Paskar, which stands as the Marketing Manager for Binance’s Ukrainian operations. Paskar gave an explanation regarding Bitcoin and how it maintains an auditable, immutable supply.

The pair discussed more complicated ideas, as well, going into some detail regarding smart contracts, Ethereum, and decentralized exchanges. While the show itself is developed to be friendly to beginners, Onistrat threw in some more complicated questions, as well. A prime example would be the conflicting ideas within centralized crypto exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies were built originally on the ideals of freedom and decentralization, but as the world started to adopt and regulate it, identification requirements and traceability have become a new norm. Onistrat asked Paskar these questions.

Ukraine Working Hard For New Digital Age

Should viewers completely go through all the episodes in this series, they will receive a certificate of completion. While not particularly useful, the initiative itself is sound, as the Ukrainian government is making a hard push to increase the digital literacy within its country.

The Ministry already boasts a number of informative shows: One is dedicated on how to be a YouTube blogger, while the other is titled “Digital Lessons for Teachers.”

Crypto-Focused Educational Web Show Sponsored By Ukrainian Government


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