Density & the Future of Real Estate

    Nearly six years ago, I was thrilled to invest in Andrew Farah and the team at Density when they had a vision for building anonymous tracking of how people use office buildings, rentals and other public spaces.

    And today, as the company announces their latest funding round of $125M at a $1B+ valuation, I’m still thrilled to back Density as they are growing massively with customers like Uber, Shopify, Delta, and Cisco, among many others. Quite simply, the data that Density provides — data that hasn’t been available until now — is changing the way companies, real estate leaders and employees think about and measure these major assets.

    I’m excited to share a short conversation with Andrew about today’s news and where the company is going, which you can see here:

    We cover:

    • Density’s growth and transition through the past two years of a pandemic where — turns out! — knowing where people are in proximity, without violating their privacy, is pretty important
    • How the data Density provides can make measurable impact on climate change (since 39% of all emissions come from buildings)
    • The range of use cases for Density, now and in the future, from rethinking work patters to short-term rental monitoring to city disaster planning

    Please join me in congratulating the team on this latest milestone!

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