Equity Based Work Platform



    Overall Equity Based Work Vision

    I am building an equity-based work platform through a distributed ledger. Think of Fiverr or Upwork but individuals around the world can work for equity in each company. The company’s shares will be tokenized and governed through DLT (disturbed ledger technology).

    Current State

    I have started a few projects that I am working on with this equity-based model. I have a few more projects that I would like to start. The projects are all done manually, meaning that we use different platforms and tools for communication, e.g. Trello, Slack, Reddit, etc.

    I reach with ideas and individuals reach out to me with their own ideas, there is extensive background process explaining what I am doing, an interview process and different agreements that come into effect depending on the project, location of individuals etc.

    I email / chat / text / speak with many different people through-out the day. This has become a very time-consuming part of the overall effort. Many of the people I speak with, are not compatible for different reasons and are saved for future projects.

    The people that we successfully decide to work with end with equity shares and own their part of the business.

    My Problem

    Everything is currently done manually. There is no CRM, Contacts manager or Project management software I can turn to, to help me scale this idea. This causes burn-out dealing with multiple platforms, multiple ideas, and trying to act as a bridge between different people for different ideas.

    At the same time, saving all the contacts from all the conversations and being able to reference them for future projects, is quite difficult, it turns into a cluster of data that is semi-useful because everything is so scattered. I spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks.

    My Solution

    My solution focuses on one part of my problem, which is everyone I talk to I would like to create a searchable data base of, but not in the usual sense where I type in Development and all the developers I have spoken to comes over.

    I am looking for something very specific with machine learning built in.

    If I speak to a hundred people, I need to know where everyone is, the skills they have, the projects they are currently involved in. What projects they might be interested in, Suggestions made through the machine learning on which projects they might fit into, based on locations, background, experience level. The logic I would go through to pick someone, I would like for a machine learning algorithm to complement me in doing.

    I have dozens of resumes come in from so many backgrounds, if someone sends me a resume who has a degree in manufacturing and supply chain management, I would like to be able to call upon that person when they are needed.

    This would be a HR Manager brain for people who want to build equity-based projects. The idea here is to organize everyone into different places and categories and than mine that data to create beautiful projects.


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