Equity Crowdfunding Radar: Virtuix

    Hello all!

    I just started a series where I cover a high-level overview of interesting equity crowdfunding opportunities. What do you think of Virtuix?

    Here’s my breakdown:

    Equity Crowdfunding Radar: Virtuix

    By Novice Investing (Note: This is not financial advice)


    What do they do?

    Lead Source – FB Ad

    Profitable? No.

    Traction – Expanding to consumer market

    Listing Info:

    Broker? SeedInvest

    Round Size: 10m

    Valuation: 65m Pre-Money

    Minimum Investment: 997

    Price Per Share: 2.996

    Unicorn Signals:

    Edit: Big thanks to everyone who has been chiming in! There are a lot more flags that you’ve all mentioned! Finances, consumer dissatisfaction, fragmented cap table, and loan write-downs being just some of them! I’d definitely recommend checking out the preso mentioned in the comments below, that outlines 13 potential red flags for this company!


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