White Hat Hackers, Smart Contract & Blockchain Experts Team Up with SmartOne in Anticipation of LEGAL Token Launch


As SmartOne, the legal services marketplace for the crypto community, prepares for the launch of the LEGAL token on October 20th, it has teamed up with white hat hacking team, Hacken, smart contracts specialist, Toni Caradonna and Blockchain consultants, Agavon, to strengthen its team before launch.

Security first

Confirmation of a new partnership with Hacken, the white hat cryptocurrency hacker ecosystem, was received earlier this week as SmartOne works to ensure its legal services marketplace is protected with the highest levels of security.

“Security of the SmartOne ecosystem is our highest priority and so we’ve asked Hacken to provide us with security auditing services that will ensure LEGAL token holders can use the SmartOne marketplace safely and securely,” said Patrick Salm, co-founder of SmartOne.

“Similarly to SmartOne’s role in the legal sector, Hacken is a pioneer in blockchain-based services, being the world’s first decentralised token for cybersecurity professionals. The team’s expertise in distributed ledger technology security makes them ideal partners, who will give confidence and reassurance to our users and holders of LEGAL tokens.”

Dmytro Budorin, co-founder and CFO of Hacken, said “Hacken’s mission is to make the world a safer place by empowering the white hat hacker community with an ecosystem that is based on the principles of legality and fair share.

“This is why we’re delighted to launch a partnership with SmartOne and have even more opportunities to test our community with real-life challenges.”


LEGAL is an ethereum-based token that uses smart contracts to enable holders to buy legal services via the SmartOne marketplace. The quality and integrity of those contracts is vital to the project’s success and with new adviser, Toni Caradonna on board, the SmartOne team has gained the services of one of the world’s leading smart contract experts.

“Toni is an amazingly talented person,” said Patrick Salm. “Not only is he an expert in smart contract technology, having worked with UNICEF on Ethereum-based smart contracts but he is also a blockchain consultant for slavefreetrade.org and a Blockchain pioneer, who produced the world’s first ethereum-funded movie, ‘The Pitts Family Circus’.”

“We’ve brought Toni on board to work with us on the development of the LEGAL token’s smart contracts. The quality of these contracts will be fundamental to the success of SmartOne and the LEGAL token.

“Knowing that Toni is advising our development team will go a long way to providing prospective LEGAL token holders with the confidence they need to take part in the launch event and to begin buying and selling legal services on the SmartOne marketplace.”


Further Blockchain expertise has been gained through a new partnership with DLT consultants, Agavon, founded by globally renowned Blockchain expert, Travin Keith.

“Agavon provides consulting services to companies in the early stage of research into using Blockchain or other distributed ledger technologies,” said Patrick Salm.  “Agavon will also be advising us with LEGAL, ensuring it delivers the most efficient means of access to legal services.

“These three new partnerships complement the existing ones we have with Skuani, creators of a legal services marketplace and NextLex, Switzerland’s first legal firm dedicated to the the crypto community.

“We are already a long way down the road to concluding negotiations for further partnerships that will ensure we have an incredibly strong team supporting the token’s launch and future development.”


SmartOne aims to bring the disruptive capabilities of blockchain-based enterprise to the legal sector by creating a means of access to legal services for the crypto community.

Access to these services will be gained through ownership of blockchain-based LEGAL tokens that will initially be issued through a Token Generating Event (TGE) taking place on October 20th.

SmartOne’s services include a marketplace for legal advice, automated document preparation and individual legal consulting. Our focus is on providing legal solutions for enterprises issuing tokens through TGEs, as well as the automation of documents and contracts for the financial and capital markets.