Jay Kurahashi-Sofue from Ava Labs Claims Blockchain Project Avalanche Is Achieving Decentralization at an “Unprecedented Pace”

    Jay Kurahashi-Sofue, VP of Marketing at Ava Labs, an organization focused on building Avalanche so that the platform can empower people to create “an open, simple, and democratic internet of finance,” has noted that leading up to the official launch of the Avalanche mainnet, it was clear that Ava Labs had to convey its role in developing decentralized software solutions.

    Jay confirmed that, in June 2020, the Ava Labs team announced a consolidation of its brand identity to make the necessary connections (and distinctions) between Ava Labs, Avalanche, and the Avalanche (AVAX) token. He explained that this effort was meant to be part of a long-term approach to establishing Avalanche as an initiative that’s “driven by and for its community.”

    Jay further noted that Ava Labs has served as the launchpad for the Avalanche project. He also mentioned that Ava Labs plans to continue playing a role in supporting the blockchain-based network’s development. However, they also “aspire to lessen [their] influence over the platform’s direction as Avalanche governance begins to take hold,” Jay claims. He argues that this is “the natural progression of all great decentralized networks.”

    He added:

    “The successful completion of the Avalanche (AVAX) token sale and the launch of Avalanche’s mainnet marked the first step in testing our brand consolidation efforts; Avalanche’s brand mark exemplifies the platform as a whole, while the brand mark for AVAX symbolizes a small piece of the Avalanche platform.”

    He continued:

    “With mainnet launch on September 21, 2020, Avalanche is achieving decentralization at an unprecedented pace–over 500 full, block-producing validator nodes within the first week and rapidly growing community across all channels (to date, the Avalanche Twitter has grown 112% since the token sale on July 15).” 

    It’s worth noting that many blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) projects claim that they’re decentralized, however, this might not necessarily be the case. For example, there have been many cases where these so-called decentralized platforms were hacked and the founding members or developers had to step in to bring things back to normal. In many cases, this has involved shutting down the network completely until the issue is resolved. A truly decentralized system would be almost impossible to shut down so easily.

    Despite these issues, Jay confirmed that Ava Labs is focused on making it easier to launch DeFi apps by leveraging blockchain or DLT. The organization aims to help individuals and businesses with creating an open, democratic internet of finance.

    As noted by the organization’s team members:

    “Ava Labs makes it simple to launch finance applications … with highly scalable and efficient networks, customizable public and private blockchains, the capability to create any digital asset, and more.”


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