Mettalex, a “Decentralized” Crypto and Commodities Derivatives Exchange, Introduces Early Access Program before Full Launch

    Binance alum, an established blockchain-focused AI firm launched by former DeepMind investors and developers, had introduced Mettalex, a “decentralized” crypto and commodities derivatives trading platform (back in August 2020).

    In a recent update, the Mettalex developers noted that as they get ready to officially launch the new derivatives exchange, they’ll be focused on “broadening the group” using the decentralized commodities trading platform.

    The Mettalex noted in a blog post (on November 6, 2020):

    “Today we are announcing the Mettalex Early Access Program (EAP) to recruit lead users ahead of the public launch. We are looking for commodities traders and community members to participate in testing new product features, providing feedback and determining the initial range of market pairs to be included at project launch.”

    The Mettalex team also mentioned that the program will then transition into a simulated trading competition. Users will then have the option to take part in the 2 weeks long, “risk-free,” simulated competition. They’ll get a chance to “earn a volume and profit based rewards for doing so.”

    As noted by Mettalex developers, the initial phase of beta-testing will begin in mid-November 2020, so they’re asking traders to start submitting applications now. Early users will be “recruited and onboarded in phases.” For this first group, the Mettalex team is mainly interested in professional traders who have experience trading in the commodities or crypto-assets space. This program may be suitable for traders interested in hedging their positions.

    Interested parties may apply using this form provided by the Mettalex team.

    Mettalex noted that “as a lead user, you will not only gain early access, but may also be incentivized for creating tokens, testing the system and eventually promoting it.”

    As reported in October 2020, Mettalex, a “decentralized” crypto and commodities derivatives exchange, had claimed that its product solves pain points related to the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s crypto-asset derivatives ban.


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