PaMu Quiet Earbuds Raise $550,000 to Rethink Noise Cancelation

Silence is golden as they say, but much like gold itself, silence has become quite a scarce commodity. Whether it’s blaring car horns, noisy neighbors, or just the sounds of the city, there always seems to be something getting in the way of peace and quiet.

The team at Padmate are trying to change this with PaMu Quiet, their new noise-canceling earbuds that keep the peace wherever you are. With features like a Qualcomm-produced chip, an internal microphone by Knowles, and noise canceling up to 40dB, PaMu Quiet earbuds are worth their weight in gold. The best part? The Quiet’s price tag comes in well under that.

PaMu Quiet earbuds have raised over $550,000 on Indiegogo in just a few weeks, emerging as one of the top crowdfunding campaigns to watch in 2020. 

PaMu: Pushing the Audio Industry Forward

Padmate is no stranger to cutting-edge audio products. Since PaMu (short for Padmate Music) launched in 2016, the brand has been at the forefront of premium audio technology, developing innovations that continue to push the industry forward. 

Blazing trails is central to PaMu’s pedigree. Their PaMu X13 Slide headphones, lauded as the wireless earbuds with the most stable Bluetooth connection, raised over $1 million on Indiegogo in 2018; just a year later, their Scroll headphones rethought the charging game for wireless earbuds, raising $3 million in the process.

Their latest product promises to bring the same innovative design approach to noise cancelation. 

“The story of PaMu Quiet began at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam,” says Edison Sheng, Director. “Cai, our Chief Designer, was standing in front of Van Gogh’s masterpieces but found it difficult to truly focus on them with so many people crowding around the paintings. That moment was the catalyst he used to design earbuds that would help inspire calm and focus in today’s noisy world.”

Two noise-canceling chips for unparalleled calm

The result is the PaMu Quiet, the world’s first earbuds with dual-chip active noise-canceling technology from both Qualcomm and AMS. The Qualcomm 5124 chip and AMS 3460 digital noise-canceling chip work together to allow listeners to cancel low-frequency noise under 400 Hz up to 40dB.

For safety, the Quiet also has “Transparency Mode,” which alerts users of their surroundings when environmental hazards like bikes or passing cars require full attention. “We realize how immersive our headphones are,” says Sheng. “That’s why we included Transparency mode. This means users can listen to music or phone calls without worrying about becoming too immersed.”

The Quiet earbuds also feature a titanium diaphragm with 10-mm drivers, providing treble clarity and strong bass response. And just 90 minutes of charging will maintain the calm for a full day. 

The Padmate team poses during a conference last year.

$550,000 raised in two weeks

The PaMu Quiet has raised over $550,000 in just a couple of weeks, and with three weeks to go in its campaign, the best is yet to come. 

“Padmate’s mission is ‘Technology, Humanity, Society,’” says Sheng. “We have a vision to create a brand that changes perceptions around the ‘Made in China’ moniker. We proudly create our products in China to demonstrate our vision, superbly executed, to display innovation in motion.”

Crowdfunding has been an instrumental part of realizing this vision, and the Indiegogo backer community has been a central to Padmate’s strategy. “We launched our first Padmate product on Indiegogo in 2018, which has given us unparalleled brand awareness,” Sheng says. “Having more than 400,000 backers from our previous campaigns, we feel that it’s important for us to continue our crowdfunding journey to build relationships with both existing and new backers.” 

“Crowdfunding is a special kind of relationship,” she adds. “Consumers are offering us financial support as a sign they believe in our product. It’s the least we can do to offer a world-class product in return.” 

“PaMu Quiet is a game changer!”

The PaMu Quiet is a chance for the Padmate team to continue their co-creation journey with their community of backers. And perhaps more importantly, it’s also a chance to show that there are alternatives to the status quo.

“With our product, people will see that there is no need to pay $219 for a pair of Apple Airpod Pros, or almost $250 for Sony 1000XM3’s,” Sheng says. “We want to share with our backers and prospective customers that we have a better offer. For less than $100, you can have a better choice that you will love. The classic design, the unbeatable specs, and the overall performance all add up to one thing: PaMu Quiet is a game changer!”

To support the PaMu Quiet, check out the Indiegogo campaign page.


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