we are live with our crowdfunding campaign

    When we started our music agency, we set out to create transparency for artist and to provide a balanced world, for artists and us. This resulted in provided clear insight in whats going on with the music we release on behalf of our artists, as well as making sure they get what they deserve in terms of royalties. For that reason we started to use our own development, PlayTreks, which provides that data insight our artists need. PlayTreks however can be used by anybody, whether working with us or not, as we believe any artist out there has the right to understand what is going on with their music, royalties and rights.

    Thats why started our crowdfunding campaign for and we are approaching the go live date soon. The campaign is an equity campaign, and we welcome anybody with an interest in music to be part of our cool startup company. The campaign can be found here,

    In advance we thank you for your interest and hope to welcome you on board. Investment is possible as of 100 Euro.


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