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Biz Builder MikeBiz Builder Mike is all about New World Marketing,,, Whats New world Marketing?

“You can’t sail today’s boat on yesterday’s wind.”

Well,,We help Entrepreneurs Gain a voice and grow market share through the use of technically advanced web assets,,, What are technically advanced web assets?

Well things like, CRM, ERP and EMM these are the same tools that Amazon, Staples, Apple and Walmart used to become the worlds largest online retailers. Historically Entrepreneurs have not had the budget, the time or the man power to develop and use tools like these. The truth of the matter is, Entrepreneurs need tools like these to become the power houses they need to be.

Ready to Rock? Great Let’s get started!

For starters, on the web the difference between selling yourself and selling your competition. And this difference revolves around choosing the right words.

If you don’t have the right words in the right order, your potential clients move on to the next website. They search until they find the page that effectively communicates the message they wanted. This is the page that converts visitors into your customers!

Website development budgets typically include website design, e-commerce solutions, and some even include search engine optimization. However, content–the meat and bones of your website is often prepared as a side dish. Bam! That’s a recipe for bland and mediocrity. Cutting and pasting content from your company brochure and assuming it is good enough for the web is just not good enough! Great customized content, can improve website conversions by more than 100%. And really it’s all about conversion to sales.

And then there is Social Media,,,, It’s just a fad Right?????

If social media is a fad it’s only an f-a-d (fad another day). Today, it’s voraciously viral the way people around the world are embracing technology to feed their hunger to connect.

Whether you’re on board or not, social media is already sailing the seven seas. It is a proven powerful way to communicate and it seems to get an even brighter future with every rising and setting of the sun we share. Regardless of where it’s headed, social media has already shown it has value. Despite what Uncle Ernie, Aunt Bessie, or Pete the Barber says, “It ain’t just young people doing social media.” Two out of every three professional marketers are now using social media on the job as part of their every day strategy for success. Large corporations are brilliantly using it as an important tool in bulldozing their way to even stronger branding of their products. Not only is social media gaining in popularity, but the level of resistance to it is reducing.

We know social media is as unique an experience as each person using it. Some are very successful with it in growing business. Some are totally into it strictly for the social benefits. Some don’t think they have time for it. And waiting in the wings are countless others who want to become social butterflies but just don’t have a clue how to start. Whatever describes your social media status, we’d love to help you to “socialize.” Our approach for Facebook is for connecting and networking with friends and family, and letting other professionals see who you are outside of work. Twitter is like a 140 character limit, online headline news on steroids.

If you’re saying, “I’ll believe that when I see it.” We say, “You’ll see it when you believe it!” All you need to do to give us a try. Web site, CRM, ERP, EMM, LMS, Social in the right order will bring you conversions. Want to learn more? Just fill out the form to your right now and get a FREE no- cost, no-obligation Biz Builder Mike Evaluation for your business (Thats a $500 value yours free for the asking). Just fill in the form to your right now and we will be right back to you.

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