Michael Noel

Summary- You Can’t Sail Today’s Boat on Yesterdays Wind – Michael Noel ✪

Last Mile Dot Earth
May 2020 – Present

The lack of access to computers and the Internet negatively impacts education, employment, and civic participation.

https://LastMile.Earth Looks to establish innovation centers throughout areas about to go live with broadband internet (not satellite) for the first time. These areas could have exponential growth in global commerce given the proper environment. (We also provide bandwidth to rural, undeserved areas in, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico. )

Check out Last Mile Dot Earth here https://lastmile.earth/.

Co Founder and CEO at Blockchain Consultants
January 2016 – Present

Subject matter expert, with decades of experience at finding real-world solutions to complex problems. Blockchain technology offers advantages over existing methods of providing and accessing services including reduced all-in costs for users via automation of administrative workflows, enhanced security, improved privacy, greater auditability, and easily-sourced analytics. ——————-

Check out Blockchain Consultants here https://BlockchainConsultants.io/.

Facilitator Blockchain Weekly
January 2016 – Present

Every Wednesday, this will be your destination for talks, interviews, and most of all video engagement with experts in the blockchain community as well as networking with fellow Blockchain enthusiast attendees! Starting again in September of 2021. ———— Archives here –

Check out the Blockchain Weeklt Archives here https://youtube.com/BlockchainWeekly/.

Temporary CEO at Swift Harvest
May 2016 – May 2017

Swift Harvest – Tokenized Alfalfa workflows using istributed Ledge Blockchain technology offers a way to gloablize all these channels simultaneously as it holds an immutable ledger. Took Swift harvest from less than 1 million in value to an offer, just north of 20 million in less than 1 year. ———— https://SwiftHarvest.com

Chairman Of The Board at Biz Builder Mike
January 2003 – Present

Biz Builder Mike is all about New World Marketing. Things like, CRM, ERP and EMM these are the same tools that Amazon, Staples, Apple and Walmart used to become the worlds largest online retailers. Historically Entrepreneurs have not had the budget, the time or the man power to develop and use tools like these. The truth of the matter is, Entrepreneurs need tools like these to become the power houses they need to be. ———– https://BizBuilderMike.com

Sr. VP. Dinan & Company Investment Banking
January 1994 – October 2003 (9 years 10 months)

Sr. VP. – Identified and introduced prospective buyers and sellers for Private Equity Groops Nationwide. Successfully completed numerous acquisitions. Opened large accounts including Emerson Electric, Hallmark Industries, Dubin Clark & Co., Jordan Co., and others. Ranked #1 producer in the office. SELL SIDE MANAGER Recruited, hired, set and led sell-side team of six, —— https://DinanCompany.com

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