Monzo Shares More Details About New Metal Card

    Following the launch of its new premium accounts, UK digital banking group Monzo shared more details about its fist metal card, which is a feature of the accounts. As previously reported, the metal card is described as a single 16g sheet of steel, complete with a “precision-engraved” logo and a white finish. Monzo noted that the weight of the metal card is more than three times heavier than a plastic debit card, which usually weighs in at 5g.

    “It means your metal Monzo card is much more rigid than a plastic one – and makes a satisfying ‘clink’ sound when it taps another hard surface.”

    Monzo further revealed the Monzo and Mastercard logos are engraved mechanically on the card’s “crisp white finish.” The banking group also shared:

    “The process of engraving metal is known as ‘milling’. The manufacturers mill each card individually, and it takes around 20 minutes to engrave each one. Turn your metal card over to find your name and all your card details laser engraved on the back. You’ll see your 16-digit card number, CVC code, and the expiry date.”

    Monzo then explained that instead of the PVC film users usually find covering a plastic debit card, the back of their Monzo Premium metal card is coated in a copolymer resin. This also means its still contactless, just like a plastic card. Monzo added:

    “Because metal is more hardwearing than plastic, your metal Monzo card will only expire after five years. That’s 40% longer than a plastic one, which only lasts for three. This helps cut down on waste. And it also means you won’t have to replace your card or update your card details as often. When your metal card expires, send it back to us for free and we’ll dispose of it safely. You won’t be able to cut up a metal card with scissors!”

    Other features of the premium account include:

    • Discounted airport lounge access, from LoungeKey: Access for users and whoever they are traveling with to over 1,100 airport lounges worldwide, at £24 per person, per visit. All with social distancing measures in place for your safety.
    •  See Amex and other bank accounts, in Monzo – Get a clear view of your finances by adding your other bank accounts and credit cards to Monzo.
    •  Credit Tracker: See TransUnion credit score and track how it changes each month.
    • Custom spending categories: Create categories to break down spending. Plus, divide single payments into multiple categories, like separating your supermarket purchase into food and wine.
    • Virtual cards: Keep physical card details safe by using virtual cards for online payments.
    • Offers: From brands Monzo think users will love. Like 15% off Patch plant and plant pot orders over £50. As well as 25% off a Fiit home workout membership and 20% off an annual subscription to Babylon Health. These may change over time, and again – make sure to read the terms and conditions before claiming an offer.
    • Auto-export transactions
    • Advanced roundups: Put 2, 5 or 10 times as much spare change aside every time you spend to reach your savings goals faster.
    • 5 free cash deposits a month: Pay in cash 5 times a month, for free. Just go to one of the 27,000 PayPoints across the UK to pay money in.

    Premium users will need to be 18-69 to sign up for the service.


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