SnackJones Is Nosh’ Your Average Snack Experience

    Anyone who’s been stuck at home during the last few months will be familiar with a less-reported effect of the pandemic. That’s right, we’re talking about the temptation of snacking all day. Structured days have gone out the window, and with them, so too has most people’s mental fortitude to eat only 3 meals a day. 

    Thankfully we have heroes like Trevor Smith, founder of SnackJones, fighting the good fight to keep our snacks healthy and our love handles in check. SnackJones is poised to become the online destination to discover the best in “better-for-you snacks,” and their recent crowdfunding campaign is helping them take it even one step further: SnackJones’ socially conscious philosophy supports businesses run by under-represented groups in the ready-to-eat food industry.

    We recently caught up with Trevor to hear how he’s transforming snacking from a feel-bad-about-yourself pastime to a feel-good business. 

    A one-stop-shop for health-conscious snacks

    SnackJones is the world’s first online hub to discover, try, and buy the best in “better-for-you snacks.” And unlike other online food retailers, SnackJones focuses solely on bags of quick bites and fast fare.

    “There are so many delicious snacks out there that are actually healthy for you, but they’re so hard to find,” Trevor says. “So I wanted to build a destination for people who want to break the habit of buying snacks that end up making you feel bad.”

    And build it he did. SnackJones offers health-conscious consumers a one-stop-shop to find new snacks that keep you energized and feeling great all day. Starting this fall, SnackJones will open up its online doors to hungry snackers everywhere.

    SnackJones gives you something to chew on

    Trevor has also made a point to work closely with snack producers from under-represented groups to ensure customers know their snacking supports a good cause.

    “Most people today understand that buying a product goes beyond just the product itself,” he says. “It’s about supporting ethically-run businesses. So I decided to bundle snacks together to make it easy to find snacks that also align with your values.”

    Some of SnackJones’ most popular bundles include meat-free options and snacks produced by women-owned or Black-owned businesses.

    “It’s a way to give back,” Trevor says. “Everyone wins.”

    A man with a hunger for business

    SnackJones has also been an opportunity for Trevor to realize his dream of becoming a serial entrepreneur. “The story of SnackJones goes back to my childhood, really,” Trevor says. “I ran my own paper route because I loved the freedom of it. It’s when I got my first taste of business, and I knew being an entrepreneur was right for me.”

    When other kids were mashing buttons on video game controllers, Trevor was reading up on the latest trends in the business world. “I would ask my dad to drive me to the bookstore when I was 11 so I could pick up Entrepreneur Magazine,” Trevor says. “I knew running my own business was what I wanted to do, end of story.”

    Of course, Trevor’s story doesn’t end there. After years of learning the tools of the trade and running side hustles, Trevor finally made his big break with Secret Squirrel, a cold brew coffee company that gained widespread distribution at large retailers nationwide. Secret Squirrel was eventually acquired, which opened the doors for Trevor’s next project.

    “After Secret Squirrel, I wasn’t about to rest on my laurels,” he says. “I’m a serial entrepreneur at heart, and I knew it was time to bring my expertise into the snack world. And Indiegogo has been there to push SnackJones from just an idea to a real-life business.”

    Through Indiegogo, Trevor is fulfilling his dream and making the world a better place by doing it.

    “Everyone loves to snack, but the options out there are either bad for you or boring. And let’s be honest — snacks should be fun, right? So let’s snack!”

    To support SnackJones, visit their InDemand page here.


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